You are kindly invited to luncheon on February 7th 2017 with:

Mr. Alexandre de Juniac, the new Director General and CEO of the International Air Transport Association - IATA 

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In 1991 the airline industry was in turmoil. A cyclical downturn in its fortunes was being aggravated by the Gulf War. Yet at the same time the European Commission in Brussels was preparing the so-called "Third Package" of liberalisation measures which would have far-reaching consequences for airlines in Europe.

Brussels had become the driver of change within air transport. The creation of the European Aviation Club in 1991 was a response to the tumultuous events taking place.

A group of aviation lawyers, economists, consultants and academics came together to create a forum where those interested in air transport, in all its aspects, could meet and discuss informally the key issues and developments affecting the aviation sector - and to do this close to the heartbeat of Europe in Brussels.


Our Corporate Members

ACI Europe
Rue Montoyer, 10 #9
1000 Brussels, Belgium
Twitter: @ACI_EUROPE

Marnix Avenues 28
1000 Brussels, Belgium

Airlines For Europe - A4E
Rue du Luxembourg 3
1000 Brussels, Belgium

Association of European Airlines - AEA
Avenue Louise 350
1000 Brussels, Belgium

Boulevard de la Woluwe 2
1150 Brussels, Belgium

Clyde & Co LLP
The St. Botolph Building,
138 Houndsditch
London EC3A 7AR, United Kingdom

Dutch Aviation Group
Postbus 33
NL 2200 AA Noordwijk
The Netherlands

Rue de la Fusée 96
1030 Brussels, Belgium

European Transport workers' Federation (ETF)
Galerie Agora, rue du marché aux herbes, 105 (bte 11)
1000 Brussels, Belgium

ANA, Belgocontrol, DFS, DSNA,
LVNL, MUAC and Skyguide

Square de Meeûs, 35
1000 Brussels, Belgium

Honeywell Europe N.V.
Hermeslaan, 1H
1831 Diegem, Belgium

International Air Transport Association (IATA)
Louise Avenue, 350
1050 Brussels, Belgium

Locke Lord LLP
201 Bishopsgate
London EC2M 3AB, United Kingdom

Avenues des Olympiades 2
1140 Brussels, Belgium
26 Chemin de Joinville B.P. 31
1216 Cointrin - Geneva, Switzerland

Securitas Transport Aviation Services NV
Sint-Lendriksborre 3
1120 Brussels, Belgium

United Technologies
Avenue des Arts 58
1000 Brussels, Belgium